GENcast: Explore, Learn, and Collaborate on Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Challenges

Like a big concert that sells out in minutes, cell and gene therapy products are one of the hottest tickets in town—except for having significantly more potential to help humanity than that power ballad from your favorite band. And as with any exponential rise in prominence, challenges ultimately need to be addressed for continued success. The M Lab™ Collaboration Centers have helped numerous biomanufacturing teams overcome their cell and gene therapy production obstacles with valued insight and creative solutions. In this podcast, we will hear from key members of the MilliporeSigma team who are helping to shape the current conversation surrounding efficient cell & gene therapy production.

This is part three in the five-part podcast series tackling diverse issues such as next-generation bioprocessingbioproduction training in emerging markets, and viral safety assurance in upstream and downstream. Make sure you check back regularly to hear the latest GENcast session.


Jerry Keybl, PhD
Head of Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Ranjeet Patil
Segment Head, Vaccines and Viral Therapies

Stephanie Ferrante
Associate Director Technology Management

Mike Furbush
Single-Use Technology Manager