March 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 5)

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Invitrogen TrueCut Cas9 Protein v2 is a next-generation CRISPR/Cas9 protein designed to deliver maximum editing efficiency in a broad range of cells, including standard, immune, primary, and stem cells. The latest version of the company’s Cas9 protein provides a robust, reliable, and efficient way of knocking out a gene’s expression, introducing changes, or making precise edits. The transfection-ready Cas9 protein is designed to deliver consistently high editing efficiency, even in difficult targets or in cells that are difficult to transfect. The Cas9 protein is transfection-ready using either lipid-mediated transfection reagents or electroporation. Available in 1–5 μg/μL concentrations.

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