February 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 3)


Bottletop dispensers are needed in any lab where aggressive solutions like lyes, acids, bases, or solvents are dispensed from large supply bottles. Thanks to the proven positive-displacement principle, loss of residue is almost completely avoided. This technology combined with the high chemical resistance of all components that might come into contact with aggressive liquids allows the use of Varispenser 2 and Varispenser 2x with almost all liquids commonly used in labs. Accessories such as an easily assembled drying tube, filter, or flexible discharge tube enable a broad range of dispensing options. All devices are equipped with standard GL 45 threads and can be used with almost all kinds of threads used in labs thanks to the additional adapters included in the scope of delivery. The oval-shaped housing and the new design of the slider and the valve toggle of Varispenser 2x emphasizes the modernity of the devices while ensuring optimal handling.

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