October 1, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 17)


Strong Points: Large collection of audio files, good quality files
Weak Points: Can’t pause or skip around in audio files




Birding enthusiasts will be “crowing” about the Bird Song ID USA app, which includes a reference library of close to 250 songs and calls. (A given bird species may be accompanied by both a call and a song, or just one or the other.) In addition to the audio files, a photo and basic information such as the scientific and common names is given for each species included in the app. One of the more cutting-edge features is that users can record their own audio files and the app can identify the species via audio recognition (though this feature is still being developed). A limitation to the app is that users can’t navigate the audio files as one might expect (for example, by pausing, re-starting, or skipping around). However, despite that limitation this app is an excellent resource for ecologists and hobbyists alike.

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