May 1, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 9)


Strong Points: Multimedia features
Weak Points: None

The Galapagos Islands blazed onto the international biodiversity scene all those years ago, thanks to Darwin. Founded not so many years ago, Viva Natura showcases the beautiful biodiversity of Mexico. On this site you’ll find gorgeous photographs of Mexico’s flora and fauna, as well as the environments they inhabit. A multimedia gold mine, this site also offers videos and sounds of some of the exotic creatures. If gazing at photographs is not stimulating enough for you, check out the “fun and education” section. Among other things, you’ll get to view what every girl and boy dreams of seeing at least once in life—the internal organs of a crocodile! The next time you play a trivia game with friends and the subject of crocodilian viscera comes up you can calmly answer, “Of course crocodiles lack a bladder. The urine is led to the cloaka from the mesonefros. Obviously.”

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