January 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 1)


Strong Points: Nice downloadable guides
Weak Points: Limited images, sparse on content in some areas


I would wager that the majority of people are unable to pronounce “eumycetozoa” the first time around, let alone define it. Well, to phrase it in more gooey terms, we’re talking about slime molds, folks. On the website for The Eumycetozoan Project through the University of Arkansas, you’ll find a nice introduction to myxomycetes, dictyostelids, and protostelids (collectively, the “true slime molds”), including myxomycete images and taxonomy and nice downloadable guides to dictyostelids and protostelids. The species image gallery contains some beautiful photos, but I certainly hope that they are able to add more images to the current collection of only seven. (There are, however, a number of illustrated drawings.) If still not satisfied after cruising through the information on the site, you’ll find a number of links to other slimy pages under the “educational materials” tab.