Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Numerous online resources and information about in-person training

Weak Points: Some links are outdated


The Preclinical Research Toolbox, from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, contains a multitude of useful resources for researchers conducting preclinical studies aimed at drug discovery. The website contains links to several databases, such as the Phenotypic Drug Discovery Resource and the NCATS Pharmaceutical Collection, which document small-molecule drugs that have been approved for use. Additionally, the site includes an Assay Guidance Manual, which is free and available for download, and which details best practices for developing and implementing preclinical drug discovery assays. The website also has a COVID-19 OpenData portal, a critical tool for the many scientists currently working toward containment and prevention of this disease. There is also information about training opportunities for researchers who want more hands-on training with these assays. The Preclinical Research Toolbox is an excellent collection of resources for preclinical scientists working on drug discovery and is worth a visit.

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