March 1, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 5)


Strong Points: Simple organization
Weak Points: Missing links in places

Proclaiming itself as “the first of its kind,” the Plasma Proteome Database aims to be a comprehensive resource for plasma proteins in human beings. With over 7,500 proteins and isoforms, the site may well live up to its billing. The main focus of the site is providing easy access to information, and with this in mind, visitors are provided with options to Browse by molecule function, domains, motifs, post-translational modification, and cellular organelle component. Within these categories are individual links to additional information, though the molecular function category had many functions with no link and thus no description. The other option at the site is the Query selection, which allows users to search by protein name, gene symbol, molecular function, and eight other criteria. Though the site is simple in design, it seems to present enough options to users for it to achieve its goal.

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