Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Very well-organized, easy to browse through or search for specific resources.

Purchasing complete behavioral setups and data processing software may be easy, but it can also be extremely expensive and often too inflexible to fit the needs of every researcher. Fortunately, there are a multitude of open-source alternatives, and many of them are conveniently catalogued on OpenBehavior. The website serves as a repository that documents a variety of open-source behavioral neuroscience projects, ranging from data analysis software like DeepLabCut to full schematics for building your own Skinner boxes. For each resource, the website provides a description of what the project accomplishes, a link to relevant publications, and where to find the project’s full documentation. Users interested in video analysis of behavior should also check out the website’s Video Analysis Initiative, which aims to encourage discussion about best methods for video analysis and also hosts a repository of recordings of a wide range of animal behaviors. OpenBehavior is an excellent resource for behavioral neuroscientists and is well worth checking out

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