Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Many tutorials provided, easy to search through and download datasets

Weak Points: Currently includes only a few datasets


The microbiome is composed of all the bacteria and microorganisms that coexist in the body and has gained a lot of attention in recent years as research continues to clarify its role in human health. Increasingly, large sequencing datasets of the organisms in the microbiome are becoming more common, and MicrobiomeDB aims to bring these datasets together into one searchable database to aid researchers who are examining this system. Users can search through a list of sequencing datasets from published studies, download the data, and examine any metadata that the authors included. Additionally, the website provides a number of visualization resources for users who want to get a better sense of what the data looks like. The website also provides a number of tutorials to help new users get started. Overall, MicrobiomeDB is a great resource for microbiome researchers who want to dig through available datasets.

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