Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Extremely well-organized, list covers many relevant topics

Weak Points: Mostly just external links, but to reputable sources

Mathematica: COVID-19

The SARS-CoV-2 virus and its associated disease, COVID-19, have radically changed the world over the last year. It doesn’t seem like the virus is going away anytime soon, but luckily there are thousands of dedicated scientists researching both basic aspects of the virus itself and broad scale impacts of the disease. Mathematica has compiled an extensive list of resources relevant to COVID-19 research that makes browsing through data and policies easy for everyone. The website divides resources into relevant categories, ranging from surveillance tools and contact tracing to secondary impacts and policy actions. Each category contains a long list of external links to institutions and labs that have been directly studying the impacts of the virus. Although the website is mostly just a list of external links, with the rapidly accumulating amount of data associated with COVID-19 it is a great resource that collects an enormous amount of data into one place.

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