Rating: Very good

Strong Points: Enormous amount of data and many resources available

Weak Points: Difficult to navigate at first, need login to get to some parts of the site


ImmPort, short for The Immunology Database and Analysis Portal, contains an enormous collection of immunology data and resources that are available for use. Data is organized into private and shared databases, and includes analyses from methods such as ELISA, flow cytometry, and transcription profiling. Anyone can browse through the shared data, which comes from over 400 studies and covers more than one hundred diseases, but users need to create an account in order to view the private data. In addition to the data itself, the website contains resources for data analysis, including an analysis workflow and the ability to do automated clustering. There is also an extensive list of resources, which include website-specific information such as documentation and tutorials, and a long list of relevant external sites. ImmPort is an excellent collection of open-source data and resources for immunologists.

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