August 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 14)


Strong Points: Slick design, custom text editor tools
Weak Points: Can’t seem to change time zone from GMT


The age of the digital laboratory notebook is officially upon us. Now, the challenge is to find a platform or system that works for you. One option is Hivebench, an online lab notebook provided in either a free or subscription format. The free option is an online platform that allows up to 10 teammates, 1,000 experiments, and 10 GB storage. (Alternatively, users can bring a version onto their private laboratory servers with the subscription option.) The homepage dashboard is slickly designed, with prominent tabs for experiments, protocols, reagents, and data. Additionally, the homepage features a timeline of recent activity and a task list. When creating new protocols or reagents, users can choose to have them publicly available to other users or private. The custom text editor tools on the site allow users to easily add steps, timers, and reagents to the text field.

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