Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Free to use. Course is well organized and covers a large amount of information.

Weak Points: None

Google Developers Machine Learning Crash Course 

Machine learning is having a moment, and deservedly so. The ability to create algorithms that can make predictions based off of relatively small training datasets has immediate use in fields as varied as neuroscience, linguistics, and marketing. If you’re looking to apply machine learning to your own research but have no idea where to start, then the
Machine Learning Crash Course, from Google Developers, is for you. The course is divided into modules that cover a range of machine learning concepts, such as training with test datasets and implementing neural networks. Each module includes a video lecture, worksheets regarding specific concepts covered in the module, and short quizzes or practical exercises. There are even modules that examine real-world applications of machine learning and direct the user to critically examine the models to find flaws in their implementation. The Machine Learning Crash Course is well-designed and easy to follow and is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start creating these algorithms on their own.

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