Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center screenshot

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Comprehensive catalog of Drosophila strains, additional resources provided

Weak Points: None

The Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center, from Indiana University at Bloomington, is a one-stop shop for any Drosophila strain you could ever want. The stock center maintains an enormous number of fly stocks and makes it easy for users to order and request particular strains. Users can search for strains directly or browse through the catalog based on such factors as balancers, deficiencies, or disease models. Each strain links to a comprehensive information page on FlyBase, which provides details about the genes targeted in the strain, any known phenotypes seen in the flies, and notes on the strain’s origin. In addition to its extensive stock catalog, the website also provides general guidelines on fly care and maintenance, such as fly food recipes and links to external websites where users can purchase supplies and equipment.


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