BioRender screenshot

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Easy to use and download, enormous library of icons available

Weak Points: Requires a subscription for full services

After all of your experiments are done and the data are processed comes the scary part: creating beautiful figures that are also fully understandable to your audience. Luckily, Biorender is here to help you make gorgeous and professional figures with minimal effort. The website allows users to browse through its thousands of pre-drawn icons, illustrating topics from nucleic acids and proteins to human anatomy and animal models. Users who download the program can combine icons to create exactly the figure they want, which can be saved, edited, and exported for publication. Biorender offers a free service for educational use only, but labs and individuals who are interested in using the service for creating publishable figures can find pricing information on the website. Biorender is an excellent tool for creating gorgeous figures that also convey your science clearly.

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