August 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 14)


Strong Points: Large collection of images, nice webpage design
Weak Points: None


Kudos to the people behind AntWeb for setting their sights high: “Over time, this site will grow to describe every species of ant known.” Yes, AntWeb may be quite a way off from total ant characterization, but the current collection is more than enough to ensnare me. Working with a current inventory of 206,261 specimens, AntWeb provides wonderful, up-close images of ant species from around the world. To begin your exploration, browse by bioregion. Each region brings up an introductory page as well as a sidebar on the right with all of the available tools (such as the species list that takes you to the images). A feature of AntWeb that sets it apart from other biological image sites is its Ant Image Comparison Tool, which gives visitors to the site an opportunity to compare, say, head morphology at the level of subfamily, genus, species, or specimen.