Animal Tracker screenshot

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Free and open source, easy to download, includes manual and tutorial

Weak Points: Customized plugins are available, but currently only for a couple of behavioral tasks

AnimalTracker provides free, open-source tracking software for researchers seeking an automated method for tracking animal behavior. The software is available for download directly from the website and is based on ImageJ, another free program already found on many scientists’ computers. The software is split into three modules, which allow users to track their animals, segment their videos according to the size and shape of their arenas, and analyze the animals’ trajectories. The website provides a manual that describes each module in depth and a short tutorial video is available for users just getting started with the program. Additionally, the website has some short example videos that show how the software tracks mice placed in common behavioral paradigms, such as the Morris water maze. AnimalTracker is a great website for behaviorists looking for ready-to-use software that can track their animals for them.


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