Rating: Good

Strong Points: Good range of tools

Weak Points: Mainly links to external websites, not much information stored in the app itself

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Cost: Free

Bio-Toolkit is a handy little app with convenient tools for your biochemistry and genetic needs. The app brings several helpful tools together in one place, including a codon lookup and an amino acid significance calculator, in which users can compare the molecular differences between two amino acids. The app also allows users to input a DNA sequence and use the NCBI BLAST tool to find similarities with other sequences. Additionally, the app includes a link to the UCSC Genome Browser, and even has a gene site tool that allows users to input a gene or mutation of interest to find more information. Although Bio-Toolkit mainly brings links to other well-known reference sources together, it is useful to have all of these tools in one place that is easy to reach from your phone.

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