Benchtop Centrifuge from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

The Allegra V-15R Benchtop Centrifuge is a 3-liter benchtop refrigerated centrifuge that features ten rotor configurations and 50 programmable runs. The centrifuge comes with a selection of adapters; a variety of workflows and applications can be performed, including cell and blood separation to high-throughput screening. The company claims the centrifuge achieves a gravitational force of up to 20,412 x g and speeds up to 13,500 rpm, registering ≤55 dBA at max speed. In addition, it is designed with safety features that include automatic rotor recognition and rotor cycle count, which tracks the number of cycles by rotor model and bucket type to help labs make an informed decision about rotor maintenance and retirement. The company also claims the Allegra V-15R centrifuge has the ability to maintain a consistent temperature, allowing users to spin faster and longer without the risk of overheating samples, as well as an ergonomic design with a soft-close lid for stress-free closing, and an easy to-use illuminated interface.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

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