October 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 18)

Integra Biosciences

This eco-friendly range of reservoirs relies on disposable, sterile, clear polystyrene inserts that sit securely within a sturdy, SBS-format, reusable base. Each flat-bottom insert benefits from the SureFlo™ anti-sealing array, which prevents pipette tips from sealing off and stops liquid from “popping” into tips, filters, or the pipetting head. A specially formulated surface treatment prevents liquid from pooling, resulting in a dead volume of less than 3 mL. For ease of use, the reservoirs feature visible integrated volume graduations, allowing rapid, accurate filling with the required reagent volume. Unused reagent can be returned to the source container via the pour-back spouts, or a latching lid can be attached to the reservoir, enabling short-term storage while preventing evaporation and spillage.

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