Automation for Small Biobanks


Automation for Small Biobanks Small biobanks and biorepositories need to select tubes from cold racks straight from the freezer. Still, they cannot afford the massive investment in robotics to fully automatically pick and place tubes from racks. The Mohawk semi-automated tube picker was designed for picking up tubes, up to 16 in one go, from a 96-position tube rack. By elevating sample tubes in racks using solenoids, the Mohawk enables biobank operators to retrieve the tubes and put them in the destination racks. Designed to work out of the box, the Mohawk does not require set up or calibration. Other features of the Mohawk include the ability to generate picklists externally in other software applications or create a template using the Mohawk’s software. For extra sample tracking and security, the Mohawk can be connected directly to a 2D-barcode scanner for tube confirmation.

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