Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Automated TitratorsA new series of entry-level, automated potentiometric laboratory-grade titrators has been designed to make titrations easier, more reliable and more accurate than manual alternatives, across a wide range of QC/QA applications. The new Orion Star T900 Series consists of four automated titrators: three designed to enable dedicated pH, redox, or ion potentiometric measurements, and one all-in-one unit that consolidates the analyses of all three parameters for additional flexibility within a single device. As automated systems, these titrators facilitate easy and intuitive setup and operation, regardless of experience level, while accelerating turnaround times for improved laboratory efficiency and productivity. The potential for human error is minimized, providing confidence that reliable results can be obtained to confirm sample quality and suitability for intended use of the material. Equipped with a 5.7-inch color touchscreen display, the Orion Star T900 Series enables quick and easy reading of results.

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