Automated Pipetting Robot


The Liquid Handling Station flow (LHS flow) is a pipetting robot for applications where samples must be protected from particles and microorganisms. The integrated FlowBox directs the filtered air flow in laminar, horizontal layers across the consumables on the worktable. With the door closed, the air volume inside the cabinet is replaced 260 times per hour and exits through openings in the front door. The new system is a compact benchtop instrument that has seven working positions and five available liquid ends in single-channel volumes up to 1000 µL and multichannel volumes up to 300 µL. With a wide variety of accessories, this flexible system can move liquids between reservoirs, tubes, and plates for applications such as cell culture, PCR setup, and cherry picking. The Liquid Handling Station flow’s software is designed to be user-friendly and to simplify protocol creation.

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