February 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 3)


This modular, automated, liquid handling and purification system developed for the Maxwell® nucleic acid preparation offers labs new found flexibility compared to large all-in-one instruments. The configurable system works with existing Maxwell RSC instruments with a software upgrade. The Maxprep™ liquid handler provides automation for sample preparation of the Maxwell RSC cartridges, and trays as well as post-extraction sample preparation for fluorescent quantitation, sample normalization, and a variety of PCR reaction setups. The Maxwell RSC 48 instrument works with convenient, individual prefilled cartridges to process any number of samples from 1 to 48 without the risk of wasting reagents. Additionally, the new Promega Portal Software allows the new and existing instruments to work together to transfer sample tracking information from one device to the next to build a complete nucleic acid preparation workflow. 

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