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Automation is becoming more prevalent than ever, especially as labs look to minimize their manual workflows and meet ever-increasing workloads. Whether setting up a new laboratory, increasing automated liquid handler (ALH) inventory, or scaling up to meet growing demand, laboratories often face many considerations. For example, how do I identify and choose a liquid handler that works for my process? How can I optimize my automated liquid handler to meet my requirements?

With such an expensive investment, you want to ensure your ALH performs at its best. A standardized approach to performing qualifications and routine verifications is the most direct path to success. In this GEN webinar, we will review the factors you should consider when choosing an ALH, the different options at your disposal, how to optimize an ALH for your specific applications, and finally, how to manage the performance of your ALH with a routine verification program.


A live Q&A followed the presentation, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelist.

John Derent
John Derent
Global Account Manager

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