October 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 18)

GE Healthcare Life Sciences

The VIA Thaw CB1000 is designed for thawing large volumes of cryopreserved cell therapies. This new range of automated, dry thawing units provides users with control over the thawing of sensitive therapies, and addresses key challenges faced by cell-therapy companies. The VIA Thaw CB1000 standardizes and streamlines the recovery of cryopreserved samples with a system which captures a complete, auditable thaw record. Thaw profiles can be customized to every cell therapy sample and transmitted across multiple sites to ensure consistent sample thawing. All VIA Thaw CB1000 units have a ‘“lockdown’”option to limit the operator to a single preset profile and minimize the risk of error. Electronic data logging creates a record of each step in the thawing process and enables sources of variation to be identified quickly.

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