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The presence of inactive, empty capsids in potentially large quantities is one of the main challenges in AAV production. Quantifying the ratio of empty-full AAV capsids is currently challenging—existing methods are not quick and simple enough to be employed throughout the process. Mass photometry is a novel, easy-to-use bioanalytical technology that measures the empty-full AAV capsid ratio in minutes using minimal sample amounts and without the need of sample preparation. Circumventing the requirement of large capital expense and skilled operators, it can be employed throughout the manufacturing process. 

In this GEN webinar, our distinguished presenter will provide insight into a novel mass photometry instrument tailored to address the challenges of AAV characterization. Moreover, we will see data proving its ability to reliably quantify the empty-full particle ratio for different AAV serotypes and at different purification levels, including benchmark data comparing the mass photometry solution with cryoTEM and analytical ultra-centrifugation.

A live Q&A session followed the presentation, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelist.

Svea Cheeseman, PhD
Svea Cheeseman, PhD
Product Manager, Biopharma,

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