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Large Scale Proteomics

Recent advances in mass spectrometry have skyrocketed the capabilities in translational proteomics, impacting our understanding of health and disease. Translational proteomics complements other omics disciplines (genomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics/lipidomics), delivering new workflows that produce clinically relevant results that are quantitative, reproducible, standardized, and scalable. Thermo Scientific Orbitrap LC-MS workflows lead the way to accelerate your journey from discovery research to clinical applications, and support your success every step of the way.

Applying Complex Proteome Profile Methods to Large Sample Cohorts
Dr. Andreas Huhmer, Director of Marketing for Proteomics and Metabolomics at Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses two analytical proteomics workflows have been developed that deliver reproducibility and standardization across the clinical research field.
ResourceApplying Precursor Level Quantitation to Large-Scale Clinical Proteomics Research
Dr. Jun Qu, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at State University of NY, Buffalo, discusses precursor level quantitation, and fewer missing values for precise and sensitive quantitative results.

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