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Clinical biomarkers are critical for the acceleration of curative medicines. The identification of these novel clinical biomarkers allows researchers to better understand complex mechanisms of immune response to diseases, facilitating the development of more effective therapeutics. Functional biomarkers can be used to predict response, identify potential effective treatments, and monitor a patient’s response to treatment. Functional biomarker discovery is leading the growth of personalized medicine, allowing researchers and clinicians to tailor treatment to a patient’s individual immune profile.

IsoPlexis’ superpowered functional proteomics reveals unique insights over methods such as mass spectrometry, genomics, and epigenetics and provides high-throughput omics while simplifying complex workflows. IsoPlexis has the ability to detect rare cell subset with superpowers (highly functional cells) which have been proven to be highly predictive biomarkers in studies across many different research areas. We will be running through case stud es in cancer immunology, cellular and regenerative medicine, and COVID-19 that highlight how the presence of superhero or supervillain cell subsets has predicted response and accelerated  the development of immune medicines.

This uniquely predictive functional biomarker is guiding the development of effective therapeutics for cancers, inflammation, and infectious diseases, all on an automated platform that harnesses the most powerful cells to personalize immune medicine.


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