Responding to customer requests, the newly designed 24-channel pipetting heads extend the capabilities of the popular VIAFLO 96/384. Designed to make cell biology workflows more efficient and reliable, these handheld electronic pipettes allow plate filling, reagent addition, or sample transfers to be performed in a single step, enabling quicker and more accurate pipetting. Two versions of the 24-channel heads are available to accommodate the need for different volumes—a 10–300 µL option for cell or reagent addition and a larger 50–1250 µL version for media and buffer transfers—allowing the user to fill a 24-well plate in seconds. Both options use the GripTip system, which ensures perfect alignment and eliminates the risk of pipette tips leaking or falling off. All pipetting heads are easily interchangeable, allowing the user to seamlessly switch between 24-, 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plate formats in less than a minute to streamline workflows. The easy-to-use system also minimizes the risk of human error, making lab results more accurate and reproducible.

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