Company brings to the table protein discovery and optimization tools.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals acquired Haptogen thus adding protein therapeutic discovery platforms to its biopharmaceutical research capabilities. The company will become a part of Wyeth Discovery Research.

“Haptogen brings to Wyeth a suite of next-generation biotechnology discovery technologies that complement Wyeth’s ongoing biotherapeutic discovery efforts,” comments Frank Walsh, Ph.D., evp of discovery, Wyeth Research.

Haptogen is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Dr. Walsh points to its location as another advantage to this transaction. “We consider the opportunity to conduct biopharmaceutical drug discovery in Scotland particularly important because of the rich pool of scientific and technological talent.”

Haptogen has reportedly developed technologies that allow for the discovery and optimization of protein therapeutics with significantly improved profiles over the current generation of protein therapies. Benefits include the potential for more convenient routes of administration as well as cell and organ penetration, according to Wyeth. The firms believe that this will open the opportunity to address diseases that are not treatable with the first generation of protein therapeutics.

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