WuXi AppTec said today it has acquired Crelux, a provider of structure-based drug discovery solutions, for an undisclosed price.

WuXi AppTec said the deal will enhance its structure-based drug discovery capabilities while establishing research facilities, and laying a foundation for expanding drug discovery services, in Europe.

Crelux specializes in providing portfolio of hit-finding, -validation, and -optimization technologies along with expertise in protein biochemistry. The company also offers customized services to support hit-finding, conformational analysis, and lead optimization—including protein production, biophysical assays, fragment screening, and X-ray crystallography.

The company markets its services under several brand names:

  • PRIME PROTEINS, which focuses on producing hard-to-obtain proteins and protein complexes;
  • XPRESS target proteins for X-ray crystallography;
  • XPERT/XPEDITE customized programs for the solution of new protein structures
  • INTRACT technologies for fragment and compound screening and biophysical validation

“The addition of Crelux will enable existing and prospective clients of both WuXi and Crelux to access enhanced hit finding, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization services with greater efficiency and scientific leadership,” Steve Yang, Ph.D., evp and COO of WuXi AppTec, said in a statement.

WuXi AppTec provides laboratory and manufacturing services designed to shorten the cycle and lower the cost of drug and medical device R&D. Earlier this month, the company teamed up with Juno Therapeutics to launch a cell therapy company in China committed to developing novel cell-based immunotherapies.

Founded in 2005, Crelux has its laboratories at the Innovation Center for Biotechnology (IZB) in Martinsried, Germany.

“”Adding Crelux's expertise and technologies onto more comprehensive, integrated discovery services has always been a main strategic goal for us. With WuXi AppTec we have found the perfect match,” Michael Schaeffer, co-founder, business and strategy executive director of Crelux.

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