If you combine the old clichés that the “future belongs to the young” and “the future is now” you could really be talking about today’s life science industry. For one of the most striking recent developments in the evolution of the biotech business is the number of under-40 individuals who are now at the helm of biopharmaceutical companies. Gone are the days when it was virtually axiomatic that a man or a woman (mostly men actually) who had spent many years working at major pharmaceutical companies would be hired for any open spot as president or CEO at a biotech company.

Now, having grown up in a completely interconnected world and weaned on the internet and other modern wonders of technology, increasing numbers of young people have the smarts, the drive, and the background to accept the challenge of running a biotech company and making profitability the goal. Taking their cues from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, their motto seems to be that vision can trump experience.

GEN is putting together a list of the “Top Life Science Leaders Under 40” and we want your input. Please send your candidate to [email protected] for our listing and provide us with the name, age, position, company affiliation, and reason why you believe your nomination should be on our list. If your suggested candidate makes the list, you could win a $10 coffee gift card. We welcome your participation!

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