VTT will investigate one of Roche’s therapeutics, which could give way to novel drug combinations and biomarkers.

VTT will study one of Roche’s cancer drugs under an agreement between the companies. The firms say that the collaboration could lead to the development of novel drug combinations and/or predictive biomarkers.

VTT will use its capabilities in high-throughput screening, RNAi, cell biology, and bioinformatics. VTT says that the deal with Roche is part of its strategy to collaborate with the international pharmaceutical industry.

VTT’s researchers in Turku, Finland will conduct the studies. There are 85 scientists and staff members at VTT’s Medical Biotechnology Knowledge Centre in Turku who focus on cancer research, drug discovery, and diagnostics. The center’s research is funded by The European Commission and the Academy of Finland among other institutes.

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