The VTT/MSI Center will focus on developing quantitative tools.

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Molecular Sciences Institute (MSI) have joined forces to establish a new research center in Berkeley, CA. The new VTT/MSI Center for Bioengineering aims to enable the quantitative prediction of the behavior of biological systems.

The new center will focus on quantitative biology to develop strategies for the improved production of bio-based chemicals and proteins in industrial microbes. It will also work to develop novel quantitative tools for the detection of toxins, chemicals, and biomarkers of disease.

VTT will provide its knowhow on industrial biotechnology to augment basic research at the center. VTT expects that the basic science generated will fuel its offerings. MSI has expertise in systems biology and synthetic biology.

This year, MSI was renamed VTT/MSI Molecular Science Institute and today specializes in understanding the quantitative behavior of biological systems. The laboratory is located in Berkeley, CA.

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