Intronn’s SMaRT RNA technology will augment VIRxSYS’ lentiviral vector platform.

VIRxSYS acquired Intronn’s core technology, SMaRT™, and preclinical programs in an all-stock transaction. “Adding the SMaRT™ RNA platform to our lentiviral vector delivery platform will help us build VIRxSYS into the driving force behind the next generation of gene therapy,” states Riku Rautsola, Ph.D., president and CEO of VIRxSYS.

The spliceosome-mediated RNA trans-splicing technology, or SMaRT, is different from most RNA tools, according to VIRxSYS. Most methods deploy RNA modifications as gene silencers to block selected gene functions. SMaRT on the other hand reprograms gene expression at the RNA level by inserting a new sequence into a gene to repair mutations or change gene expression, the company explains.

“We see tremendous synergy between our two technologies,” Dr. Rautsola comments. “Combining the VIRxSYS delivery platform with the SMaRT™ RNA reprogramming technology will help us create powerful new therapies more rapidly. Our initial focus will continue to be on HIV and genetic diseases. Intronn brings advanced preclinical programs in hemophilia and cardiovascular disease, which will integrate extremely well with our own programs in those areas, eliminating duplicative cost and effort.”

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