Virtual Becomes Reality for Biopharma Vaccine Development

When a pandemic hits, business, as usual, is not a viable path forward in the biopharmaceutical industry. Researchers need to stay safe and healthy to continue working, developing much-needed therapeutics for patients in need. Yet when travel restrictions, quarantines, and distance measures are put into place, where do scientists turn to get the help they need to complete their production campaigns? The M Lab™ Collaboration Centers at Merck have always been on call to work together with scientists and engineers on-site to troubleshoot, problem solve and optimize biomanufacturing operations. These days, the M Lab team is still helping its partners move their projects forward by incorporating the latest digital tools to create an adaptive virtual collaboration environment. Check out this recent GENcast to hear how scientists at Sanofi Pasteur and the M Lab Collaboration Centers teamed up continue developmental work on a high-priority microbial vaccine project.


Gladys Wong, PhD
Bioprocess Upstream Scientist
Sanofi Pasteur

Elina Gousseinov
Process Development Scientist