Deal marks ISCO’s entrance into Asian markets.

International Stem Cell (ISCO) granted Veritas distribution rights for its human cell culture products throughout Japan. The deal was signed through International Stem Cell’s wholly owned subsidiary, Lifeline Cell Technology.

Lifeline, located in Maryland and California, specializes in the development, manufacture, and distribution of products to culture human cells, including products to culture primary human cells and human stem cells. This agreement marks the first step in Lifeline’s plan to meet requests from Japan, Korea, and India.

Lifeline points out that its products are used for clinical applications and in academic, government, and pharmaceutical research laboratories. ISCO has also developed human parthenogenetic stem cell lines (hpSC). The firm believes that hpSCs could potentially minimize the rejection of transplanted cells by a patient’s immune system as well as avoid the ethical issues that are stifling research with embryonic stem cells.

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