Kits will be incorporated into analysis of FFPE patient samples using Symphony breast cancer diagnostics.

Rubicon Genomics contracted Velesco Pharmaceutical Services to manufacture its TransPLEX® RNA amplification kits for supply to molecular diagnostic firm Agendia. Michigan-based Velesco provides analytical method development, drug formulation, stability testing and consulting services to the biotech and pharma industries.

Just over a week ago Rubicon announced a clinical supply agreement to provide Agendia with its TransPLEX whole genome RNA amplification technology. Agendia will incorporate Rubicon’s TransPLEX kits into the analysis of FFPE patient samples for use with its Symphony™ suite of breast cancer diagnostics. “Velesco provides us an immediate pathway to cGMP kits for diagnostic use and it has the capacity to rapidly expand cGMP production as sales of our diagnostic kits ramp up,” comments James Koziarz, Rubicon CEO.

RNA or DNA extracted from FFPE samples often contains only small amounts of usable DNA or RNA. Rubicon’s TransPLEX genomic RNA amplification kits and GenomePLEX® genomic DNA amplification kits are designed to overcome this issue by delivering sufficient quantities of nucleic acids to enable accurate and consistent analyses.

The TransPLEX and GenomePLEX® kits for fixed and other degraded samples, are part of Rubicon’s OmniPLEX® family of preanalytical products for amplifying and standardizing nucleic acids. The product range includes the PicoPlex WGA kit for whole genome amplification (WGA) from single cells. Rubicon is also developing additional kits for the amplification of nucleic acids from different sample types, including PlasmaPlex™ WGA for use with plasma, serum, and urine, IP-Plex™ WGA for immunoprecipitates, and BC-Plex™ WGA for Bisulfite-converted DNA.

Rubicon offers custom OmniPlex pre-analytical services on a fee-for-service or partnership basis. Services include the PicoPlex NGS for preparing single cells for sequencing on Illumina or GA or HiSeq, MethylPlex WMA for profiling methylation of single cells, plasma, and tissue, PicoPlex WGA, Genome Plex WGA and WTA for FFPE sections, PleasmaPlex WGA, and ChIP-lex WGA for sonicated DNA. 

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