Studies to check Upstream’s in silico binding site predictions.

Upstream Biosciences appointed NimbleGen Systems to provide laboratory services. NimbleGen will use its whole genome chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)-chip arrays and laboratory services to validate Upstream’s in silico binding site predictions.

Upstream utilizes data mining techniques to identify regulatory regions of the genome upstream of genes that have been clinically identified as being involved in various disease and drug response processes. It currently has five provisional patent filings covering the use of certain genetic variations in these regulatory regions as diagnostic markers for various forms of cancer.

“These studies will use clinical samples of prostate and liver cancer and normal samples to help validate the effectiveness of our proprietary biomarker candidates,” says CEO Joel Bellenson. “NimbleGen’s arrays cover the gene promoter sequences of the entire human genome and may allow us to probe for DNA-binding sites that match the DNA-binding proteins present in diseased and normal tissue.”


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