Allied Minds, a preseed investment firm, and UNeMed, the technology transfer organization for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, have partnered to establish Purtein, a university spinout corporation. The company will provide a simpler, more cost-effective method for the purification of proteins.

The newly formed Purtein has secured on an exclusive basis novel technology developed by Elliot Bedows, Ph.D., and Jason Wilken, Ph.D., of the School of the University of Nebraska College of Medicine.

“This technology will offer researchers and pharmaceutical companies a dramatically higher yielding recombinant protein purification process utilizing the binding properties between a wide range of protein molecules,” claims Dr. Bedows, who adds that the Purtein technology can be used in virtually every production vehicle, mammalian, microbial, and plant.

The technology is expected to reduce both direct costs of chemicals required as well as the indirect costs associated with the greater complexity and time required under current purification processes. Current purification processes represents up to 70% of the cost of production.

Purtein hopes to reduce these production costs dramatically. The preparation of commercial products, nutritional proteins, or certain biopharmaceuticals (e.g. insulin) as well as analytical purification for research purposes will benefit from this technology, notes Dr. Bedows.

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