The University of Leeds has deployed Vortex, Dotmatics’ scientific intelligence tool, to analyze complex data and help with its life science research efforts. According to the company, Vortex gives scientists a more intuitive and versatile way to analyze and visualize large amounts of scientific data, providing them with the right tools to make their decisions faster.

“We have a major program that is focusing on devising versatile ways to prepare diverse lead-like molecular scaffolds,” said Adam Nelson, professor at the University of Leeds. “Vortex’ intuitive graphical interface allows us to visualize the properties of large numbers of compounds, and allows us to prioritize which molecular scaffolds are likely to have most value in drug discovery.”

With an interactive dashboard, Vortex allows the manipulation of vast amounts of data points, including chemical structures, using a standard PC or laptop. Vortex connects terabytes of disparate data from multiple data sources, providing scientists with a holistic view of the information. It also contains a toolset of interactive plots, algorithms, and tables that enable scientists to harness the knowledge hidden behind mountains of data.

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