U.S. Oncology has entered into a venture with the Molecular Profiling Institute to create the Tissue Banking and Analysis Center (TBAC). TBAC, in collaborations with U.S. Oncology and AmeriPath, will provide access to tissue samples, clinical trial design, and biomarker development to research, pharma, and diagnostic clients.

The companies note that the development of TBAC’s large centralized tissue bank and analysis services allows for the rapid standardized collection and analysis of a large repository of data, bio-specimens and clinical information that helps researchers improve the design of future cancer research studies and allow the selection of specific trial participants based on their molecular profile.

“This venture will fill a huge unmet need in cancer drug development and over time, it will enable more personalized therapies and enable better treatment accuracy and outcomes for cancer patients across the nation,” said Atul Dhir, D. Phil., president of the Cancer Information Research Group for U.S. Oncology and board member of TBAC.

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