Swiss animal diagnostics firm Prionics is teaming up with Belgian veterinary diagnostics company Bio-X Diagnostics to make Prionics’ diagnostic solutions available to global markets. The collaboration will include distribution, product development, and production. The firms say that, through this partnership, Prionics and Bio-X Diagnostics customers will benefit from an expanded portfolio of products.

Bio-X Diagnostics has distributed Prionics products in Belgium since 2011 and distributes its own products in selected European countries. The company says it had been seeking to increase its global reach and found a good match in Prionics. For now, the two companies will be focusing intensively on the French market.

“With the founding of Prionics France, Prionics and Bio-X Diagnostics can now offer their complementary product portfolio of diagnostic tests and biochemicals to the French customer,” says Markus Moser, Ph.D., CEO of Prionics. “We are excited at the prospect of working together in the French market.”

Founded in 1997 and based in Zurich, Prionics researches, develops, and markets diagnostic solutions for major farm animal diseases. Bio-X Diagnostics, based in Rochefort, was founded in 1991 and was acquired in 2003 by veterinary surgeons Philippe and Annita Coppe-Ginter. Bio-X Diagnostics is active in the development and marketing of diagnostic kits for the veterinary sector.

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