TTP reports that it has spun out Cellular Origins, a company created to “enable scalable, cost-effective and efficient manufacture of cell and gene therapies.” Cellular Origins’ technology addresses the current barriers associated with the manufacture of advanced therapies that are in late-stage development, enabling commercial manufacturing without process change, according to Matthew Carr, head of life sciences, TTP.

By providing a solution for automated sterile fluidic interconnection that has the flexibility to adapt and link current and future bioprocess equipment, Cellular Origins enables full automation of current cell therapy manufacturing and future innovation of new processes, adds Carr.

The cell and gene therapy market has seen dramatic growth over recent years, with a predicted 64 new cell and gene therapies approved, and a total market value of >$90bn (CAGR 22%) by 2030. Over the same period, manufacturers have struggled to meet demand for cost-effective, scalable therapy manufacture, notes Carr, pointing out that there is therefore an urgent and growing need for manufacturing solutions that provide large-scale access to cost-effective, next-generation therapeutics.

Cellular Origins has put together a team from across the life science, robotics, and engineering industries, backed by TTP. The company’s proprietary technology has been developed as for automated, sterile, fluidic end-to-end interconnection throughout the manufacture workflow, explains Edwin Stone, PhD, CEO of Cellular Origins. His doctorate is in engineering, and he has been with TTP since 2004.

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