Approaches target the H3 receptor antagonists, PPARd agonists, and 11ßHSD1 inhibitors.

TransTech gained all rights from Novo Nordisk to a portfolio of drug candidates being developed to treat metabolic disorders. This portfolio comprises three distinct therapeutic approaches: H3 receptor antagonists, PPAR-delta agonists, and 11ßHSD1 inhibitors.

In January 2007, Novo Nordisk decided to divest all its small molecule projects and concentrate on its protein-based pharmaceutical business.

With this acquisition, TransTech is engaged in 11 clinical and preclinical programs within diabetes and obesity. The other candidates in the company’s portfolio include novel, orally administered compounds targeting PTP1b inhibitors, AgRP inhibitors, GLP1R agonists, AMPK activators, and glucokinase activators.

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