National Library of Medicine topped the list of institutes.

The NIH has been in the news a lot lately, and not just because of discoveries being made at its institutes or grants it’s doling out. The institute recently reported plans to create the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) because it believes that there is a lot of basic research that is not being applied to drug development. To do this NIH will axe the National Center for Research Resources, ending some of its programs and transferring the remaining to NCATS and other NIH institutes.

On the other hand, House Resolution 38 was passed that calls for discretionary spending to return to 2008 levels. For NIH, a return to 2008 spending levels means a budget of $29.3 billion, versus the $31 billion given for 2010. Cutbacks could include halting some grant competitions or awarding fewer numbers of grants or smaller awards.

As we follow this developing story, here’s a look back at grants given out last year. Below are two lists: The first shows institutes that received the largest awards based on the total value of all NIH grants awarded in 2010.The second includes the top principal investigators funded by the NIH.

Top 25 NIH-Funded Institutes*

  • Johns Hopkins University—$610,467,293
  • University of Pennsylvania—$481,559,772
  • University of California, San Francisco—$475,400,165
  • University of Washington—$474,042,118
  • University of Michigan at Ann Arbor—$470,517,923
  • University of Pittsburgh—$424,154,899
  • University of California, San Diego—$390,832,339
  • Washington University—$386,470,071
  • Yale University—$378,805,446
  • University of California, Los Angeles—$368,854,137
  • Duke University—$351,616,899
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill—$341,434,146
  • Stanford University—$339,893,354
  • Massachusetts General Hospital—$331,770,965
  • Vanderbilt University—$322,051,798
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital—$302,335,077
  • Columbia University Health Sciences—$290,724,425
  • Emory University—$262,572,191
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities—$255,160,166
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison—$248,762,869
  • Harvard University, Medical School—$214,927,564
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center—$210,376,180
  • Scripps Research Institute—$208,869,561
  • Baylor College of Medicine—$202,869,815
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham—$201,285,749


Top 25 NIH-Funded Principal Investigators*

  • Larry Arthur; The Cancer Genome Atlas/DCTD Cancer Disparities/DCTD Cancer Diagnosis/DCTD Translational Research Initiative/DCTD National Clinical Target Validation—$415,067,920
  • Renee Zito; Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment—$251,659,105
  • Betsy Humphreys; National Biomedical Information Services—$242,345,898
  • Mike Maples; Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment—$136,456,180
  • Karen Carpenter-Palumbo; Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment—$115,911,639
  • Stephanie Colston; Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment—$100,688,583
  • Theodora Binion-Taylor; Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment—$71,514,715
  • Angela Dawson; Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment—$66,891,165
  • Janet Olszewski; Preventive Health Services/Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment—$62,058,778
  • Robin L. Rothermel; Access to Recovery/Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment—$61,908,708
  • Jeffrey Krischer; Type 1 Diabetes Trial/Net Coordinating Center—$61,545,982
  • Christopher P. Austin; NIH Chemical Genomics Center/Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected Diseases Science/Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected Diseases Infrastructure/Capacity Building—$61,532,854
  • Will Humble; Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment/Community Mental Health Services—$60,657,799
  • Richard Schwartz; HIV-1 Vaccines/Seasonal, Pandemic, and Universal Influenza DNA Vaccines/Filovirus Vaccines/Chikungunya Vaccines—$57,428,420
  • Stephen W. Mayberg; Community Mental Health Services—$53,676,045
  • James S. Reinhard; Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment/Community Mental Health Services—$53,236,392
  • Onaje M. Salim; Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment—$50,698,151
  • Elisabeth H. Lyman; Public Health Preparedness and Response for Bioterrorism—$49,077,856
  • Jaap Goudsmith; Filovirus Vaccines/Anti-Influenza mAbs—$48,422,566
  • Raquel Mazon Jeffers; Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment—$47,103,249
  • David Dickinson; Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment/Community Mental Health Services—$43,562,581
  • Sallie Connor; Public Health Preparedness and Response for Bioterrorism—$43,001,603
  • Gerald Van Belle; Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Data Coordinating Center—$42,863,319
  • Douglas R. Lowy; Tumor Gene Expression/Papillomavirus Virion Proteins and Vaccines/Office of Cancer Genomics/NCI-Frederick Support and Technical Services/Space and Facilities Management/Technology Transfer Center—$41,318,628
  • Carol Nesel; Pediatric and Maternal HIV Studies Coordinating Center—$41,129,666

*Data Source: NIH Sales

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