Transaction moves Tissue Genesis’ therapeutic cell technologies into orthopedic markets.

Tissue Genesis inked an exclusive distribution and licensing agreement for the human spine market with SpineSmith Partners.

Tissue Genesis will share SpineSmith’s revenues from procedures and sales that use its therapeutic cell technologies. The company expects to receive revenue from SpineSmith’s sales of TGI 1000™ cell isolation systems and disposables over the four-year term of the agreement.

In return, SpineSmith has been granted the rights to manufacture, use, and sell TGI 100 manual cell isolation kits, incorporating Tissue Genesis supplied Adipase™ enzyme solution.

“This exciting new relationship with SpineSmith allows Tissue Genesis to move our therapeutic cell technologies into orthopedic markets,” says Anton C. Krucky, president and CEO of Tissue Genesis.

“SpineSmith’s extensive expertise with bone marrow stem cells, in both cell isolation and medical insurance reimbursement, provides a clear avenue of advancement of our adipose (fat) derived stem cells into this important market.”

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