Company will leverage this IP to develop new Invader chemistries and couple it with PCR.

Third Wave Technologies plans to acquire Stratagene’s Full Velocity family of worldwide patents and patent applications from parent company, Agilent Technologies. The purchase bolsters Third Wave’s intellectual property position for Invader Plus®. This technology is based on the firm’s Invader chemistry, which is used in molecular diagnostic testing, combined with PCR.

The acquisition will also help with further development of Invader chemistries, which will amplify and detect DNA, RNA, and miRNA on real-time PCR instruments. Third Wave says that these next-generation chemistries will provide performance, ease-of-use, and time-to-result advantages over quantitative PCR methods.

“Third Wave’s strategic acquisition of the Full Velocity patents cements an integral part of our clinical menu expansion plans and provides us valuable options in the research market,” remarks Kevin T. Conroy, president and CEO of Third Wave. “The next-generation Invader chemistries strengthened by this acquisition will give Third Wave’s clinical products fundamental competitive advantages in the most valuable molecular diagnostic markets.”

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